Specifications and Design of the iPhone SE

Apple will offer the first launch today at the company Headquarters i.e., Cupertino in California Apple is also expected to introducing a new devices along with some software updates.

Apple fans are eagerly waiting for iPhone SE 4-inch. The device is called iPhone SE. Recently they have confirmed the name the company dicided to remove 5 from the name.

It means the iPhone SE will be the 2nd iPhone after the 1st generation model without a number.

iPhone lineup is bringing back an iPhone 5 variant during the iPhone 6 life cycle may confuse the customers.  iPhone SE is wantedly remove the  iPhone 5S and the price is similar as they point.

iphone se

Specifications and Design of the iPhone SE:

In terms of design the device is similar to the iPhone 6 models. The power button is on the side only for 6 models the power button is on side because the length of the device.

Hence the upcoming smartphone is almost the same as the iPhone 6 but the size is 4-inch.

Specifications and Design

The connectivity and the storage capacity:

The iPhone is similar to 5s but the SE is slightly curved 2.5D glass and the Camera is 12MP, but previously the roumor is 8MP.

  • Apple A8 chipset with M8 coprocessor that will also come from the currently available iPhone 6 models,
  • But there is a rumour that the device is coming with A9 processor.
  • The storage is expecting with 16GB and 64GB.
  • The battery capacity is 164MAh and it includes the connective options Wi-Fi 802.11,
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and.
  • live photos support.

The device didn’t get 3D touch which remain exclusive to the iPhone 6s. The rumour is Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone will come in pink but not the same pink as Apple’s rose gold in iPhone 6s but completely new shade.


iPhone is really most popular gadget of the world. It is mostly popular in USA but in India it also liked too much. We can see that every new phone launch people booking advance, Because people need first before others. We know it expensive from other mobile like android but love don’t care about high prices. They need only iPhone latest model. Hope you like this article.

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