How to clear cache and cookies on an Android Smartphone?

How to clear cookies on Android Smartphone? The procedure to clear is similar to that of other like chrome, opera.  This will help you in many kind of errors fixing.

The cookies are needed to be cleared in order to not let the personal information go to the third party to avoid unnecessary calls asking you to buy their products. It’s basically the promotional strategies.

cache and cookies
To get started all you need to do is open the browser and then go to the menu icon to the apps list. Once you do so, make sure you choose the options properly.

Now locate the browser icon like chrome, opera, Firefox or any other browsing option you want to clear the junk for and then tap the options icon located on the top right side corner and the cookies gets cleared on the android smartphone.

The process is same like that of a desktop. Hence, the process of clearing the cookies on Android smartphone is completed.

How to clear cookies on Samsung tablet?

How to clear cookies on Samsung Tablet? Samsung is a much used Product Company and has launched several products like phone, tablets over past several years.

It is important to clear the information from any website you visit and the data stored in hundreds of files should be cleared. Evert time you visit a website, part of the process gets saved in the browser’s cache for the browser to display stored files from the server and then these files can help to load times whenever you visit the website again.

The updates made to the files comprise their website feature and the old saved files will load the information and then it functions properly. It is always healthy and beneficial to clear the cache however. The speed limit gets faster and there is more space allowing the device to function smoothly.

It is anyhow easy and simple to clear the junk in Samsung Tablet.

  1. All you need to do is open the tab’s home screen and go to select the browser icon. Once you find it, the list option appears and opens it.home screen
  2. Once done, click on the settings option and go to the privacy settings and
    click on the accept cookies and remember form data and make sure that the tick mark is clicked beside these options.
  3. The notifications pop us stating the locally cached content and database will be deleted.
    Give the confirmation by clicking on yes and click on clear all cookie data to erase.clear all cookie data mobile
  4. By clicking on yes, the process gets further continued and the entire selected options gets erased and cleared.
    You can recheck the history to confirm that the junk is cleared and the saved files are also cleared.

It is anyhow advised to clear the junk whether it is personal computer or mobile phone or a tablet. Hence, the process of clearing the cookies on Samsung Tablet is completed.


Clear the unnecessary junk, files, cache, and Browsing history and avoid any type of risk in your desktop or mobile phone or tablet. Hence, to conclude, the process of clearing the cookies is completed.