Fly-tying gear

You can also buy the clamp or pedestal separately at £29.99 each, so if you were to buy either model of vice, plus a different mount (total cost around £120) you’d end up with a versatile vice that can be used as both a table-top model and can be fixed to the edge of a worktop.

Fly-tying gear

The vice stem, head and barrel of the vice are made from high-grade CNC machined aluminium, while the jaw sleeve and the jaws themselves are made from high carbon steel.

 Fly-tying gear

1. Jaws

Snowbee say that the jaws can accommodate hook sizes right up to a 6/0 saltwater or predator hook The inside jaw faces are totally smooth but still provide a very sure grip and I was more than happ with its holding ability on hook sizes from 20 righ up to a 4/0.

2. Vice head

Loosening off the knurled screw on the vice head will allow you to spin the barrel of the vice throug 360 degrees, useful if you want to view the fly fro all sides.

Vice head

3. Material spring

The vice comes with a material spring which is clipped around the barrel and hooked into place. A very useful gadget for holding threads, tinsels etc out of the way, effectively acting as a third hand.

Material spring

4. Cam lever operation

The Prestige is a cam lever operated vice and it is very easy to use. Unscrew the jaw sleeve at the front to create sufficient space between the jaws for your hook. Place the hook between the jaws and then gently push down on the cam lever, locking the hook firmly in place. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure on the lever, just gently depress it using two fingers. Over tightening could result in damage to the vice.

Cam lever operation

4. Angled vice stem

The angled vice stem is approximately eight inches high. The vice head and barrel are connected at the top by a screw with an Allen key fitting (Allen key supplied). This screw can be loosened off so you can move the vice head into the correct position for your tying needs.

5. C-clamp

The C-clamp is made of alloy with steel screws. It opens to a width of just over 2.25 inches so is suitable for a range of worktops. It doesn’t have a protective pad on the underside surface so you might want to add your own to protect your table.

6. Pedestal stem mount

The vice stem slots into a one-inch high mount and is held in place by tightening a small knurled nut for the side for a firm hold.

“I was more than happy with its holding ability on hook sizes from 20 4 right up to a 4/0.”

7. Pedestal base

The pedestal base weighs 2lb 7oz and measures 5 x 4 inches. It is made from solid steel and has been given a semi-matt black finish. The base is lined with a slim felt pad to protect work surfaces.

8. Carry case

Both the C-clamp and pedestal vices come with protective zipped carry cases. On the inside there are elasticated straps to hold the vice and its components (including both bases) in place, and on the opposite side there are three elasticated strips for your own tools. I would put a protective sheet of foam between the two for added protection and so the vice doesn’t get scratched.


The vices also come with an A4-size exploded diagram of all the parts and a set of user instructions including assembly and head adjustment.

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